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339.00 €
Smart Track + Hard Case

Smart Track pedalboard black + Hard Case

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Product description

If you use a lot of guitar effects pedals when you play and need to add or change their order quickly and cleanly, the Smart Track pedalboard is specially designed to meet your needs. With its new Fasteners system, your pedals will be kept in brand-new condition.

The S2 pedalboard has capacity for from 8 to 10 effects pedals and the L2 for 10-14 pedals. The wiring system is located at the top of the board, making it easy to add, remove or modify the configuration of your pedals instantaneously. The customizable pedalboard design system allows you to raise the second line of pedals using an Upper accessory or reduce the size of your pedals to suit your needs, without forcing you to buy a new unit.

Includes Hard Case: the perfect accessory to keep your pedalboard safe during the tour. The Hardcase for Smart and Evo Track pedal boards is made of wood covered in black PVC and reinforced with an anodized aluminum structure with plastic corners.

The top cover is coated with protective foam inclined to fit perfectly the pedal board and it is also removable. It includes two dish type butterfly locks which include the option of using flanges.

Product features

  • Capacity S2 for 8-10 pedals, L2 for 10-14
  • Material Anodized aluminum
  • Dimensions S2 59x30cm (23.2" x 11.8") and L2 83x30cm (32.7"x11.8")
  • Packaging weight 6,36
  • Included material Hard Case
  • Includes Fasteners + Hard Case
  • Adjustable back legs 1,5 cm (0.6")
  • Warranty 2 years


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