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8,300.00 €
20 14 Guitar 06

Guitar 06: a NAMM 2015 limited edition

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Product description

Created for restless musicians who want their sound to go a step further and like to experiment. The 20.14 is a guitar born to allow artists to do whatever they please, swapping, arranging and adjusting the components in an easy and quick way, with only a screwdriver.

With a sturdy vintage design, in homage to the great guitar creators of that awesome period, without forgetting that we live in a fully technological age; the 20.14 is a fusion between two distant epochs in time but close in space.

- P.U. cartridge designed to allow quick and easy pickup swapping. 
- A ball joint, as a link between the neck and body, allows to modify the distance between the strings and the guitar’s body, giving the possibility to experiment with different bridges and soundboards, which are easily interchangeable.
- Two tailpiece to choose from, one internal (Tele style) and an external one (Archtop style).
- Provided with 3 different circuits: magnetic, piezo and MIDI.

Designed as a hybrid approach between an acoustic and a solid body guitar, it brings the electric guitar sound closer to the one of an acoustic guitar. The combination of all these features open a vast range of creative sonic possibilities for guitarists to explore.

"In the summer of 2014 I began to draw the story of a guitar. A guitar that wished to be different in the experimental sense of the word. As I was defining the most important features it responded to me, full of personality that i wanted to be like a laboratory, with wich musicians could test and research different sounds in a very simple manner,... and it flirtatiously added that it also wanted to change its appearance depending on the mood, place or the company.

Once its personality had been defined, I searched for a team with whom to develop the 20:14. The synergy within the team made possible, in just 3 months, to present the first prototype of the guitar during last NAMM 2015; modifications and necessary improvements to finish up its personality and character."

Product features

  • Top Birdseye Maple + European Spruce
  • Neck Mahogany
  • Fretboard Jumbo size. Birdseye Maple + Ebony
  • Body Mahogany
  • Headstock Padauk + European Maple
  • Hardware Golden
  • Pickups Lollar Imperial
  • Strings Thomastik Jazz Bebop (.012-.050)
  • Control Plates Wenge
  • Tunning Pegs Gotoh. Ratio: 1:15


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